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Most people do not download apps

News by Luke Jones on Monday August 25, 2014.

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The results
The results

ComScore has been picking over the finer details of the mobile industry again and this time turned the spotlight on apps to find some interesting conclusions. The company totted the number of app downloads per month and found that a large percentage of mobile users actually didn?t download any apps... not one... nothing.

That sort of goes against what we think of in terms of apps. These are the things that drive mobile phones in many ways, they give something for the software to do and are often a gateway to the online world and extra content. They are also hugely popular, but it seems more people in the US ignore apps entirely compared to those who download. 65.5% of the US smartphone users base did not download a single app during the quarter ending June, a staggering number who downloaded nothing over three whole months.

Interestingly though, the number of apps being downloaded has increased and continues to increase by record amounts, on both iOS and Android. That means a small percentage of the US population at least accounts for this record growth, but even the ones downloading multiple apps per month are in limited numbers. The breakdown of the numbers is as follows:

0 apps per month ? 65.5%

1 app per month ? 8.4%

2 apps per month ? 8.9%

3 apps per month ? 6.2%

4 apps per month ? 3.7%

5-7 apps per month ? 4.8%

8 or more apps per month ? 2.4%

Apps are a key component of the mobile space, and the lack of them on platforms such as Windows and Blackberry has been cited for reasons why those systems have so far failed. However, it seems they are only important to a select few, with only 26.1% of all smartphone users bothering to download multiple apps per month. In other words, a little over one quarter of the whole smartphone user base in the United States is even remotely interested in apps.

Speaking as someone who has dozens on my device and hundreds more waiting on my laptop, I guess I am a major contributor to the continued growth of apps. I am also wondering, if most people do not download any apps, what do they have on their phones?

source: ComScore

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