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Moto Luge heading to Verizon as probably Moto G variant

Rumors by Luke Jones on Monday August 25, 2014.

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Odd Best Buy listing
Odd Best Buy listing

Motorola has a pretty busy end of the year ahead as the company could be releasing up to eight new smartphones to the market. You can even add a ninth to that as the American brand is teaming up with Verizon to launch the Moto Luge, a handset that will be launched on August 28th.

The device has not shown up before regarding future Motorola smartphones, and the fact that it is rolling out before the company launches new handsets, we presume this is not the Moto G 2. However, it is probably the first Moto G, just a Verizon LTE exclusive version that is locked into the nation's largest carrier's pre-paid customers.

TKTechNews found a sales listing for the handset on Best Buy, and it throws up a few questions. The image used in the Best Buy listing is not a Moto G, the portrait bezels are just too thin to be the budget Moto handset. Instead, the image quite clearly shows the original Moto X flagship, but we are almost certain that this is not another X variant for Verizon.

The listed price is $199 off contract, and the only Motorola smartphone that currently matches that kind of price tag is the Moto G LTE. With that in mind, Best Buy has merely used the wrong image, but if you were thinking the Moto Luge is a completely new handset then think again. Although, we do not clearly understand why Motorola would change the name of the G LTE, but Verizon has a habit of doing this sort of thing with already established products.

There are a few other things raising flags for us with this listing, such as the listed software named as Android 4.4.4 Jelly Bean. Of course, it is actually Android 4.4.4 KitKat so would Best Buy make that mistake alongside the wrong image? Possibly, but it certainly has us questioning the validity of this image and listing. Other reported specs are vague, but match up with the Moto G, such as a "large vivid screen" and "quad core". Oddly there is also something called Moto Aware, which is something yours truly at least has never heard of.

source: TKTechNews

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