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The Moto 360 may not be the smart watch for you after all

Editorial by Luke Jones on Sunday August 24, 2014.

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The Moto 360
The Moto 360

Motorola's Moto 360 smartwatch is one of the most desirable products of the year and to many it was a new dawn in the wearable market. The 360 had the smartwatch market all for itself simply because it looks premium and also sports a round face, you know, as a watch should. However, Motorola may have made a catastrophic mistake with its strategy as the Moto 360 is no longer alone.

The American company unveiled the Moto 360 at the beginning of the year, giving us a glimpse of a product that could finally get it right and give consumers the smart watch they all wanted. Strangely, the Moto 360 has reigned supreme in the wearable market ever since, and remember it has not even been launched yet. The LG G Watch was launched at Google's I/O developer conference, as was Samsung's Galaxy Gear Live, but both devices were met with a collective shrug.

Consumers were waiting for the Moto 360, even though the wearable will run Android Wear like the G Watch and Gear Live, it has that round face and premium metal build. If Motorola had launched the Moto 360 at I/O as it was widely predicted the company would have had a huge success, a product that would have swamped LG and Samsung and would already have a huge foothold in the market.

As it is, Motorola held off (maybe the company had to as it put the finishing touches on the 360) and will now launch its first mainstream wearable in Chicago on September 4th. The 360 may still become a huge success, but while the waters of the wearable market were crystal clear before, they are now murky for Motorola and there are dangers hiding.

The G Watch R is a potent new rival to the Moto 360
The G Watch R is a potent new rival to the Moto 360

LG has teased today the G Watch R, a wearable that will land the same week as the Moto 360 and will also sport that all-important round face. From what we have seen of this device, it is just as good looking as the Moto 360, and dare we say it, better looking in fact. LG's latest smartwatch will run exactly the same Android Wear software as Motorola?s device, so it could really come down to looks and price as to which is the one to get. Yesterday I would have said that the Moto 360 was the only smartwatch worth getting, now I want the G Watch R.

That highlights the tech world. A company cannot sit around and wait, whether that?s to see what a rival does or merely wait to launch a product. If you stop you lose and Motorola simply waited too long to get the 360 to the market, and that could cost it. I have not even mentioned the potential threat of Apple if Cupertino launches a smartwatch, and who knows what the likes of HTC and ASUS are going to reveal in the coming weeks.

Motorola's reign at the top of the wearable market could be the oddest of all-time, it could be over before the device is even available.

Let us know what you think, is the Moto 360 now in trouble or was Motorola right to wait this long to launch the device?

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