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Smart watch market grows 700% in six months

News by Luke Jones on Sunday August 24, 2014.

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Samsung leads the smart watch market
Samsung leads the smart watch market

The wearable market is a nascent one, we keep being told that it will explode to be worth billions upon billions of dollars within a few years. However, that has not yet really happened as smart watches have failed to capture the public imagination, but they did enjoy a mini explosion over the first half of this year although some perspective is in order.

A total of 6 million smart watches and fitness bands were sold through the first half of the year, a massive 700% jump from the previous year. That's a huge jump for sure, but it does show that well under 1 million such products were sold through the first half of 2013. That and even the 6 million units from this year show that the smart watch market is only gaining minimal traction in the tech world.

There have been a number of reasons mooted as to why the wearable market is taking a long time to explode like it is meant to. Firstly it is thought that smart watches relying on smartphones to be companion pieces puts consumers off, and until they become standalone products they will not find huge market coverage. Secondly there is a general consensus that smart watches are a little ugly with their square faces.

Both of those things are being addressed. Android Wear is taking the first baby steps towards some kind of autonomy, although it is still a long way off, but Google's platform points to a different future. As for design, LG is releasing a G Watch R and Motorola is launching the Moto 360, both devices that have round faces and strong appeal. Expect more companies to join this round faced trend in the future.

The third reason that has been offered is that until Apple gets into the market it will remain void of massive success. This is of course impossible to judge until we see a wearable with an "i" at the start, although we do not expect Cupertino to enter the market and suddenly account for it becoming truly huge.

As for some more perspective surrounding that 6 million smart watches and fitness bands over the first half of 2014, it is impressive as a micro-niche, but not in the wider picture. For example, Apple's iPad alone sold more units during the last three months than the entire wearable market combined, and we are just picking one device, you could say the same of several Cupertino products, a few from Samsung, and arguably the HTC One M8 and the LG G3. Of course, the tablet market and the smartphone market are far more advanced and mature than wearables.

Samsung is predictably the big winner so far in the smart watch market, which is to be expected as the Korean company sent out a wide number of products over the last year.

source: Engadget

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