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Daily Burn: Motorola getting busy, LG getting simple, and the Xperia Z3 getting leaked

News by Luke Jones on Thursday August 21, 2014.

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The G3 is providing inspiration for LG
The G3 is providing inspiration for LG

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Sony's IFA launch came early

Talking of leaks, Sony's Xperia Z3 flagship was leaked in a big way. And we mean in a huge way, the kind of way that makes us want to type in upper case. A BIG WAY!

The handset is due to launch at Sony's IFA event in September, but after today's leak the gathered press will be feeling a little "seen this all before". That?s a shame for Sony, but at least we know what the Xperia Z3 looks like (mostly like the Z2) and what specs it has (mostly the same as the Z2). This leak is the real deal too, no two ways about it.

Now, we cannot decide whether the Xperia Z3 is disappointing. It just about retains its flagship status by matching the likes of the HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5 with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 and a 1080p screen. The problem is, the flagship market is moving on to the Snapdragon 805 and Quad HD screens, so while Sony's device leaked early it will arrive late to the party in terms of being current.

LG keeps things simple

LG released a couple of new smartphones today, the L Bella and the L Fino. Instead of complicating matters, the Korean company jumped on its own bandwagon and designed the handsets to look identical to the G3 flagship. That's hardly a bad thing as the G3 is a sexy enough smartphone, while the Bella and Fino have instantly become among the best looking budget smartphones that your money can buy.

Speaking of keeping things simple and following the G3, LG announced today that its elegant and easy to use UI from the flagship will spread to other devices. The company even said low end and mid-range handsets and tablets landing this year will get the UI, including we presume the L Bello and L Fino mentioned above. The company has not said if the UI will reach older models, but we hope so as the software on older LG's is a little rubbish.

Motorola getting all release happy

Motorola has not released a load of smartphones over the last 18 months, but the company will make up for it with up to 8 new handsets this year. The company is already launching the Moto X+1 flagship and Moto G 2 in September, but three new DROID smartphones could land too, as well as a Moto X Play, Moto S, and Nexus 6.

That's an awful lot of Moto hitting the market, but as far as we know all of these devices are the real deal, although the Moto S is likely to be the Nexus 6. The Moto X+1 was leaked online today in an official looking press render, going all Sony Xperia Z3 on us.

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