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LG to put the G3's simple UI on most devices

News by Luke Jones on Thursday August 21, 2014.

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The G3 UI will go company wide
The G3 UI will go company wide

A lot of consumers dislike Android vendor UI software. There are Android skins and software tweaks like Samsung?s TouchWiz and HTC?s Sense that divide opinion, with Samsung's brand getting particular wrath from Android purists. However, for whatever reason companies are continuing to push away from the stock Android experience and LG is the latest to really get behind its own UI.

Of course, the real reason why your Galaxy device packs TouchWiz or Huawei gets the Emotion UI is so that you, the user, can be directed to the vendor?s services and software. Google would rather you use Android as it is intended to use its services, Samsung wants you to use TouchWiz to use the Koran company?s software. Now LG wants you to use its UI and if you buy a mobile product from the company you are going to get the latest version.

Take it from someone who owned the LG G2, it was a fantastic device in just about every aspect aside from its software. LG used to make a very muddy Android experience that had as much bloatware as Samsung, but lacked the functionality of TouchWiz. Luckily, with the LG G3 a lot of things changed for the Korean company.

The G3 is the best hardware the company has ever made, but it also has the best software it has ever made too, and arguably the best smartphone on any current Android smartphone. LG hasn?t given its UI a fancy name, and in fact nothing about the software is over the top as the company stayed pretty faithful to the Android experience. Sure, there is bloatware, but the G3 has elegant and easy to use UI that is unobtrusive.

LG knows it is on to a winner with the overall package of the G3, which is why the design language will go company wide, and now the software will too. LG has announced that it will be spreading the UI from the G3 across most of its mobile devices, from high end to budget and past everything in between, including tablets.

The company has not confirmed this will be reserved for just new devices, but we are willing to say that it will also arrive for handsets like the G2. We expect to hear more from LG on this matter at IFA, such as how you can update the software if your device is compatible.

source: LG

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