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Daily Burn: ZTE in the US, Samsung loses the Nook, and AT&T like the One M8 for Windows

News by admin on Wednesday August 20, 2014.

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ZTE Nubia 5s Mini LTE
ZTE Nubia 5s Mini LTE

The mobile scene was hardly burning today, but it was simmering through what we tend to call a slow news day. However, the Daily Burn was keeping a close eye on things and is now here to deliver you the day?s news in easy to digest chunks.

ZTE launces in the US!

Yes, we think thank deserves an exclamation mark. Chinese brands are hardly in a rush to launch devices in the United States, but ZTE did today with the Nubia 5s Mini LTE. A solid mid-range effort, the handset features a 13 megapixel rear camera and a 5MP front facer, a configuration ZTE says is unique to a device under 300 of your American bucks.

Here's the challenge for you reader, find us another device with these cameras for under $300.

You may be thinking at $279.99 that the solidly spec'd and good looking new Nubia is a good deal, but perhaps the inclusion of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean will change your mind... or not.

As for Chinese brands launching in the US. It is kind of understandable as the consumer market here continues to give these smartphone giants the cold shoulder.

Does LG now own the design for the iPhone?

LG took out a rather strange patent for a new device that looks suspiciously like an iPhone 5. Geez, there is nothing suspicious about it, the device is an iPhone as far as we can tell. LG owns the design rights for 14 years, which got us thinking, is Apple now infringing on LG's patent with the aging iPhone 5? If LG ever makes this handset the company will have to get plenty creative with the final design to stop Apple waging war in the courts, which we all know Cupertino loves to do.

A beefier iPad Air in 2014 Speaking of Apple, the company is ready to double the amount of RAM found in its tablet flagship. The current iPad Air packs just 1GB of RAM, which is a pitiful amount next to most decent Android slates. However, the low impact of iOS means the Air still powers through any task you can throw at it with ease.

That's the thing though, it is all about tasks, or the lack of them in iOS. Apple's platform is hardly a multitasking giant, but the iPad Air 2 will arrive with iOS 8 and split screen multitasking for the first time. That means a bump in RAM is needed, so the Air 2 will get 2GB of it.

Samsung's Nook device is a Samsung device

Samsung's first collaboration with Nook is the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook, a device that is only a Nook if you squint long enough. This is a Galaxy tablet in every sense, from design to software, but hey there is Nook's reader software on there somewhere. In all honesty, we are hearing very good things about Nook?s part in this tablet, and while we like a Samsung slate we wish there was more Nook and less faux leather Galaxy.

AT&T jumps on the HTC One M8 for Windows bandwagon

And steal Verizon's thunder. When the all metal One M8 flagship arrived for Windows Phone yesterday it was huge news, but it seemed that it would be a Verizon exclusive. The Big Red company has even built a huge marketing campaign, but it won?t be the only game in town if you want some One M8 Windows Kicks. AT&T has confirmed that it too will carry the device, which can only be a good thing for the consumer.

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