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Apple to put 2GB of RAM inside the iPad Air 2

News by admin on Wednesday August 20, 2014.

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The first iPad Air had 1GB of RAM
The first iPad Air had 1GB of RAM

Apple has always done a decent job of defying the ethos that says more RAM and higher numbered specs are better. For example, the iPad Air has just 1GB of RAM, while even basic Android slates pack at least 2GB. However, you would not notice a difference between the performance on the Air or on a high end Android tablet, such is the solid performance of Apple's product.

Okay, we can hear the Android aficionados screaming in anger now. Yes, we get it, Apple's iOS is nowhere as task oriented as Android and in fact typically only does one thing at a time. The iPad Air does those things very well, but with iOS set to introduce more multitasking features such as a split screen, Cupertino will need to add a little more oomph in the iPad Air 2.

The good news is that Apple will do exactly that, with the iPad Air 2 getting a RAM bump to 2GB, which is actually the same as the current Nexus 7. As we said, the way iOS takes that RAM is different so you can expect the Air 2 to be a better performer than Google's small slate. Despite the hike in RAM the iPad Air to will still lag behind the Android juggernauts that will be getting 3GB of RAM and in some cases maybe even 4GB.

Far from making this a debate about which platform is best, I will say that both deal with the amount of RAM they need efficiently. The iPad Air 2 will certainly not be slow and thanks to the low impact of iOS 8 will probably be positively rapid. Apple's flagship slate is scheduled to launch in October and will undoubtedly land alongside a new iPad Mini, while there are even reports of a 13-inch iPad Pro being rolled out.

Apple has lost a large chunk of market share, while sales for its tablets have also fallen. Declining iPad sales were the only black mark on the company's recent earnings, and while the iPad remains far ahead of the competition, the overall picture is worrying some at Cupertino. The iPad Air 2 may be a fresh assault from Apple and will even include the TouchID fingerprint sensor found on the company's iPhone 5s.

source: BGR

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