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LG takes out patent for iPhone lookalike

News by Luke Jones on Wednesday August 20, 2014.

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LG has filed a patent for a new phone design, but you may see something strangely familiar about the handset. Of course, patent filings are nothing new, but when they happen to look an awful lot like another smartphone on the market then it is worth looking at.

LG took the patent out for the design in the main image, and now hold the rights to said design for the next 14 years. We imagine that Apple will be quick to point out that this pays more than a passing resemblance to the company's iPhone 5 range. Considering the amount of patent lawsuits between tech giants over the years, this may be a brave move by LG.

We are also left wondering, if LG now hold the rights for that design, are the iPhone 5, 5s, and 5c infringing upon LG's patent? We presume that Cupertino already holds the patent for the design of the iPhone 5, so is LG now infringing Apple's rights?

At the moment neither is the case, but that could change if LG ever decided to make this device. There are subtle differences of course (location of the headphone port for example), but LG would have to put some serious care into developing this piece of hardware beyond the paper. Needless to say, just because the company took out a patent it does not necessarily mean it will produce the product.

We will of course be keeping a close eye on future LG launches just to see if any pays more than homage to Apple's all-conquering iPhone.

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