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Daily Burn: HTC, HTC, HTC, Asus and Sony

News by admin on Tuesday August 19, 2014.

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HTC One M8 on Windows
HTC One M8 on Windows

It has been another blazing day of mobile news that was largely dominated by HTC and its One M8 flagship. Just in case you missed the lowdown throughout the day, the Daily Burn is here.

HTC launches a new device it already launched

Confused? The HTC Butterfly J is a flagship bothering smartphone that has been knocking around in Japan for a little while now, but the company has decided to spread its plastic waterproof goodness around Asia. The device is a high end smartphone with much the same hardware as the HTC One M8 (a lot more on that later) but has a less sexy plastic body with waterproofing, and lacks the take it or leave it UltraPixel rear camera.

This has butterfly in the name, so if you were hoping to get your American or European hands on it then you will be disappointed. Expect this solid smartphone to stay in Asia, for some reason, we don?t get it, why, really HTC, why?

Some of our peers even say this is better than the HTC One M8, which we disagree with... what do you think? I personally think the HTC One M7 from last year is better than both.

HTC One M8 opens new Windows

HTC's all metal clad smartphone flagship is a stunning device (even if I would rather the M7) and it has finally made its way to Windows Phone after much speculation. It has instantly become the best smartphone on that platform, sorry Nokia Lumia lovers it?s the truth. The One is likely to give Windows its best shot of disrupting the flagship crowd, while those little budget Lumia's can take care of the rest.

If you have been waiting for the right handset before making the jump to Microsoft's empire, then now may be a good time for you.

T-Mobile gets Android 4.4.3 roll out right, Verizon doesn't

There is something strangely familiar about Verizon fudging an update cycle, and Big Red is at it again today by delaying the roll out of Android 4.4.3 for the HTC One M8 (yes, that again). While Verizon is waiting for something we cannot put a finger on, T-Mobile happily sent Android 4.4.3 goodness to its HTC One M8 packing customers. Why does Verizon keep doing this?

On a side note, Verizon is the exclusive carrier for the One M8 on Windows Phone, so don?t bank on getting the next Windows update in a hurry.

ASUS getting smart about watches

ASUS does solid better than most. The company knows how to make decent hardware that looks nice enough and does not have your accountant calling in a fussy sweat. The Taiwanese brand is now jumping into the wearable arena and will be launching a smart watch at an IFA press event on September 3rd. The device will cost less than $150 and is reportedly packing the same hardware as the LG G Watch and Samsung Galaxy Gear Live, two products that may be getting some serious competition.

Sony takes a dip with the Xperia M2

Or that should be the Xperia M2 Aqua, as Sony has today unveiled a new waterproof version of its budget handset. The specs are the same and the looks are the same, but now you can take a shower with your M2 and lather up next to it. Oh, and the price won't be the same either, with the handset probably costing more than the original Xperia M2 when it launches this fall.

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