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HTC launches the Butterfly 2 outside of Japan

Product Launch by Luke Jones on Tuesday August 19, 2014.

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The Butterfly 2
The Butterfly 2

HTC is really starting to beef up its smartphone line with a variety of devices as the company looks to get back on the good side of consumers after a worrying few years of decline. The latest to arrive is the HTC Butterfly, a handset that boasts plenty of flagship kicks but is much different from the company?s core handset, the One M8.

Nevertheless, the HTC Butterfly does sport much of the same hardware as the One M8. That includes the same 5-inch 1080p panel from the M8, while it also retains the 2.5GHz quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor with 2GB of RAM. The smartphone also gets the latest version of HTC's Sense UI and it is also compatible with the company's Dot View cases. There are also a pair of BoomSound forward facing stereo speakers too, although they are not quite as important to the design as they are on the One M8.

This is arguably the first problem with the Butterfly 2, it looks too bezel heavy because the BoomSound speakers are lost on the black front panel. Of course, HTC must have those sizeable portrait bezels to house the BoomSound components, but the device looks a little to 2012 for my taste (oooh those damn opinions).

Indeed, design is arguably the biggest difference between the Butterfly 2 and the current One M8 flagship. Whereas the One M8 oozes quality with its all metal body, the Butterfly feels a touch more standard with its polycarbonate construction. It is not an ugly phone by any means, but it is not a design triumph either, but at least the plastic is for a reason.

Firstly, the HTC Butterfly 2 feels easier in the hand than the often slippery One M8, which had a slick design yes, but is also a bit fiddly in hand. Aside from that, the device needed to be plastic as HTC has made it waterproof, with the handset able to last for 30 minutes at water depths of 1 meter. Interestingly, the Taiwanese company has not used plastic cover flaps like we have seen from other manufacturers to protect open ports on the handset. Whether that means the Butterfly 2 has rubber seals or nano coating HTC is not elaborating on.

The UltraPixel 4 megapixel camera from the HTC One M8 divides opinion, but the Butterfly instead comes with a more standard 13 megapixel lens on the rear. It is however complete with the sensory depth lens that was first rolled out with the M8. We have seen some reports that suggest the HTC Butterfly 2 is actually better than the One M8, but we have out doubts about that. If you want the best HTC device, you should check out last year?s HTC One M7... there we said it.

As for availability, previous Butterfly devices have been Asian exclusives, and indeed this handset has been in Japan for a while now as the Butterfly J. We would love to see this land in the US and beyond, but we are not sure HTC will want to dilute its flagship HTC One M8 with another high end product. Yet again it looks like importing is your friend.

source: Android Police

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