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LG to announce G Watch 2 at IFA?

News by Luke Jones on Monday August 18, 2014.

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The G Watch
The G Watch

Is it us, or do product cycles seem to be getting shorter? We think so, and if this latest rumour about LG is true then we have entered a new level altogether. According to some reports today, the Korean company will announced a sequel to its G Watch Android Wear toting smart watch at the IFA trade show in Berlin next month.

Yes, the very same trade show where Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, HTC, and just about every other mobile vendor has something to release. LG has been a little quiet, after-all, the company got its flagship release out of the way when it launched the G3 in June. However, LG is still going to be at IFA and in fact the company could well cause the biggest stir of the event, because according to the Korean Times the G Watch 2 could be launched.

Not only will it be rolled out, the newspaper says that the newer version of LG's wearable will be a "game changer". That would put it alongside the iPhone, the iPad, the Galaxy S3, devices that arrived in the market and well, changed the game. It would also put it alongside the Motorola Moto 360, the only smart watch so far that seems to have the potential to be a runaway success.

Could it be coincidence that Motorola is announcing its round faced 360 at its own press event in Chicago on September 4th? LG would probably announced the G Watch 2 on September 3rd, a deliberate attempt to steal Motorola?s thunder? Maybe, but according to the Korean Times, it is unknown whether the wearable will be a round face or a cornered face.

The report does say that the G Watch 2 will have a higher res AMOLED screen than the LCD panels found on other smart watches. We reached out to LG, and the company responded with a uniform message it has been sending to all news outlets.

"LG will continue to support the Android Wear platform beyond the G Watch. But to date, no details of future Android Wear products have been confirmed."

That?s some pretty vague stuff, on the one hand saying a G Watch follow up is inevitable, but on the other saying nothing is official (quite obviously). We are not sure where we stand on this, the Korean Times has a solid track record on all things LG and Samsung, but it just seems too little a gap since the original G Watch launched two months ago.

source: The Korea Times

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