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Lumia 520 gets Windows 8.1 and Cyan update

News by Luke Jones on Monday August 18, 2014.

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Lumia 520
Lumia 520

The Nokia Lumia 520 has finally been treated to the latest version of Windows Phone, version 8.1 with Nokia's Cyan software on board. That is a fitting addition considering the 520 has done as much for Microsoft's (admittedly slow) mobile growth as any other smartphone.

Nokia has been back to its best in recent years. Sure, the company has not enjoyed dizzying sales as it is tied to the Windows Phone platform, but it has delivered plenty of quality smartphones. The Lumia flagships have grabbed plenty of attention, but the biggest success for Nokia has been the Lumia 520, a rather humble entry level handset.

The 520 and other Lumia handsets helped put Windows Phone 8 on the map and gave the platform a fighting chance of catching the juggernauts of iOS and Android. So much so that Microsoft paid $5 billion to buy Nokia's smartphone business, putting the Lumia brand under Redmond's wing. The 520 has paced itself to become the biggest selling Windows device of any kind, including laptops, tablets, PC's, and Xbox games consoles.

This is one of the budget smartphones that made that particular market a vibrant and growing force, the Lumia 520 costs under $80 and was completely solid performance wise and looked good. After selling tens of millions of units, the 520 is aging but getting a new lease of life Windows Phone 8.1 and the Lumia Cyan firmware.

And yes, you did read correctly, in the US at the moment the Lumia 520 costs under $80. That makes us wonder why anybody would get the newly released Lumia 630 over the older 520. The 630 looks a little better, but not much, both have similar specs, while both now have the same fully up to date software, although the 630 is more expensive.

Of course, the Windows Phone 8.1 update brings with it Microsoft's voice assistant Cortana (region depending), another frankly amazing addition to a sub $100 smartphone. Other new features include a new flexible layout, customization to live tiles, Lock Screen Themes, Action Center notifications, Battery Saver mode, new Xbox apps, an improved email client, and an enhanced camera suite.

All in all the Lumia 520 remains a compelling option if you want a smartphone but your budget does not stretch very far.

source: AllAboutWindowsPhone

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