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Rumour roundup: Motorola Shamu

Rumors by Luke Jones on Saturday August 16, 2014.

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Shamu to arrive as the Moto S?
Shamu to arrive as the Moto S?

Motorola is going to launch a new Moto X+1, a new Moto G, and the Moto 360 wearable in a couple of weeks. That?s all a fact, you can take it to the bank as the company has sent invites for a September 4th press event in Chicago, and those teaser invites were not very subtle. With those new products on the way, we can now turn our attention to some of Motorola's other upcoming devices, and we'll start with Shamu.

That is of course the mysterious codename behind the company's latest high end smartphone that showed up recently for some benchmarks. This handset exists, it is the real deal, and is likely to trump the upcoming Moto X+1 in terms of specs and performance. The real mystery surrounding the device is what exactly it will be, because Motorola seems to be working on a number of projects.

The most likely scenario is that Shamu is in fact the Nexus 6, the latest iteration of Google?s own branded smartphones. It is pretty nailed on now that Motorola is building the next Nexus device, especially as LG confirmed it would not be involved after collaborating with Google on the Nexus 4 and 5. This new Nexus device is rumoured to be the most powerful yet, and according to some reports the handset will sport a 5.2-inch Quad HD screen. Sure, other rumours say it will be a 1080p panel at 5.9-inches, but we can't see Google adding another niche to its already scarce smartphone line. For that reason we think a smaller form factor is the surer bet, whether that's with a QHD screen or not.

Another possibility is that Shamu is in fact going to be called the Moto S, Motorola's latest all-out assault on the top of the smartphone market. If this is a standalone Moto product, then it could well come with that larger 5.9-inch display as Motorola doesn't have a phablet device. With blistering specs apparently present on the Shamu, a larger screen could help to differentiate the handset from the Moto X+1. Some reports today are hinting that even with the Moto S name, Shamu will be a Nexus device, but we do not think Google would be willing to give up the Nexus branding and lose market cache.

The third possibility is that the Shamu smartphone will be the first to arrive with Google's Android Silver branding. Android Silver is supposed to be a new line of devices right from the top drawer, so what we know of Shamu it could fit the bill. However, that scuppers the company working on a Nexus device as it would be unlikely to have two Google collaborations in the works for similar launch windows. The leaked specs for Shamu reveal it will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 with 3GB of RAM.

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