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HTC to launch in-house services to Android, Zoe first

News by Luke Jones on Wednesday August 13, 2014.

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As Android skins go, HTC's Sense UI is one of the better ones, even if it still irks the Android purists out there. The Taiwanese company has been putting its Sense onto Android for a while now, with the UI now in its sixth iteration. Along with Sense, HTC has a number of its own apps and services and the company has decided it is in the sharing mood and will make all of its in house software available on other Android devices.

Recode is reporting today that HTC is working on ports for its apps and services that will allow them to be used on other Android devices. The new project is working under a formed division called HTC Creative Labs and the unit will re-tool some of the company's most popular features for the wider Android platform. The first such service will reportedly be Zoe, an app that will take HTC's much talked about camera feature and make it available in the Google Play Store.

Zoe was first introduced on the HTC One M7 flagship in 2013 and takes a burst of camera shots over 16 seconds to create a stop motion like animated video. The app will have all of the features seen on the current Zoe module on HTC devices, such as the ability to add a soundtrack and theme to make a highlight reel. Considering Zoe is not even available on some HTC handsets, we can see this being a popular app, price depending of course.

However, the app will only be compatible with high end devices according to the report, and it will be reserved for handsets running Android 4.4 or higher. The new Zoe app will apparently launch next week to the Google Play Store, although its price details are unknown. As for HTC Creative Lab, the project will be churning out more services in the coming months.

source: Re.Code

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