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Sony Xperia Z2 survived submerged in salt water for six weeks

News by Luke Jones on Tuesday August 12, 2014.

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The original Xperia Z was the first to be waterproof
The original Xperia Z was the first to be waterproof

Sony was the company that started making normal flagships waterproof when it launched the Xperia Z way back at the start of 2013. The truly amazing thing about Sony's waterproof smartphones, and indeed the ones that followed from the likes of Samsung, is that they work. These things actually are waterproof, if you use it in the bath or drop it in a bucket of water, by all that is holy it just acts like the proverbial duck in water.

However, there is still something quite daring about just dunking a $600 smartphone into water for the hell of it, still that thought deep down that it is just going to break. That is unlikely to happen though, especially with the Xperia Z2, Sony's current smartphone flagship (that will be replaced in the coming weeks by the Z3). The Z2 can stay submerged in 1.5 meters of water for a long, long time, even though Sony recommends not dunking it for over 30 minutes.

Reports today are saying that one Xperia Z2 lasted a fair bit longer than 30 minutes and at depths a fair bit deeper than 1.5 meters. A man lost his Z2 while water-skiing and didn't retrieve it for a whole six weeks, but in that time the device had survived in 10 meters of salt water. As you can probably imagine, the smartphone took a battering from Mother Nature, but still worked all those weeks later.

We are trying to check if this story is the real deal, in the meantime we do not suggest you try to prove it to be true or false with your Z2.

source: Android and Me

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