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Samsung recommended more often than Apple

News by Luke Jones on Monday August 11, 2014.

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Which would you have?
Which would you have?

Apple is a brand based in the United States, while its iPhone is the most popular single handset on the market, but research has shown that carriers and retailers would prefer to sell you a Samsung. A study conducted by Kantar Worldpanel revealed that carriers and companies in the United States would sell a consumer a Samsung product before an Apple one.

According to the research, 63% of customers who bought a device through the first half of 2014 were recommended a Samsung by the employee working for the carrier or retailer. As for Apple, the same carriers and retailers pointed 31.5% of consumers in the direction of Cupertino's iOS products.

So what is all this then? Is the Galaxy S5 being recommended over the iPhone 5s for example? In some cases yes, but there is a little bit more to this research. In terms of market cache, no one does it like Apple with its iPhone, so many people who want one know when they walk into the store. In other words, they do not need to be recommended. The truth is, it is a similar situation with Samsung's flagships.

However, if a consumer walks into a store looking for a certain criteria, Samsung is far more likely to be able to fulfil the demands. Different price ranges, specs, designs, screen sizes, you name it Samsung has it, whereas Apple just has two iPhone variants. It is far more likely that someone would recommend a Samsung over Apple if the consumer wanted an Android device for example.

To our mind, this result is far more potent in showing how ahead of its Android rivals Samsung is, and of those 63% recommended a Samsung, 59% bought one. The research also shows that Nokia and Microsoft lag far behind both Samsung and Apple, with just around 6% of consumers recommended a Windows device.

source: Kantar (PDF)

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