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Pebble releases new limited edition colors

News by Luke Jones on Wednesday August 06, 2014.

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Smart watch makers have been trying to get as professional and serious as possible with design in a bid to win more consumers. However, Pebble is showing its fun side too and has released three new limited edition versions of its wearable, each with a neon color scheme. The new colors have been named Fresh, Hot, and Fly, and all are an alternative to Pebble's more functional colors.

Fresh comes with a neon lime green color, Hot references Hot Pink and is a glowing pink, while Fly is the least luminescent of the bunch and is a neon blue. Aside from the new colors, these are all the first generation Pebble smart watches, so if you already own that device then there is little reason to seek these out. If however you have yet to get a Pebble and want one with a funky color, now is you time to jump on board.

These are limited edition devices, but they will retail at $150, just like the 1st gen Pebble always has. The new colors may have caught a little more traction if they were released earlier to capitalize on summer, but hey ho, we are not marketing people so what do we know.

source: Pebble

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