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Ease of use, call quality, and battery are the most important features

News by Luke Jones on Tuesday August 05, 2014.

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Mobile manufacturers wow us with standout features and specs; Samsung has its S Pen, Apple's iPhone 5s has the TouchID fingerprint scanner, the Amazon Fire Phone has 3D, and so on and so forth. However, a study has shown that what the smartphone consumer actually wants is a little bit less showbiz, as most people crave reliability or a long lasting battery.

A survey conducted in the United Kingdom revealed what are the top priorities of consumers within the country, and surprisingly blockbuster specs are not that important. Topping the list of most desirable smartphone traits was that their device is easy to use, with 29% of consumers citing it. That could well point to the reason why Apple's iPhone is so popular, aside from its huge market cache of course.

In second place of the things people look for was call reception, with 19% of all people surveyed wanting a clean line and good quality. Next on the list is battery life, followed by apps with 10%, and finally gimmicky features like 3D and eye trackers at 3%. The survey does clearly show that above all things else the average consumer wants their smartphone to do the standard things most phones would do, smart or not.

When it comes to "gimmicky" features, Apple's fingerprint scanner (the tech has found its way to other handsets too) was the most appreciated for its security aspects, with 56% using it more than once a day. The next most used feature was the camera, something that we thought would be number one, but nevertheless over 20% of consumers use their camera more than once a day.

However, other supposedly key features like 3D and even voice controls like Siri and Google Now do not really impress users. A whopping 55% of all users said they never used a voice assistant, sort of showing that it is only the tech inclined who are interested in using such features. The survey was conducted by USwitch.com and does make for some interesting food for thought. It also reveals that even the normal non-tech oriented consumer knows when they are being sold a gimmick as opposed to something truly useful.

source: Telegraph

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