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Motorola confirms Android L for the Moto X

News by Luke Jones on Tuesday August 05, 2014.

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Moto X to get Android L
Moto X to get Android L

In terms of flagship devices, the Motorola Moto X is getting a little long in the tooth, so much so that the flagship is due to be replaced by the Moto X+1 sometime at the end of this summer. However, thanks to Motorola's soon to be severed ties to Google, the device is still extremely close to the Android platform and the company has confirmed it will be one of the non-Google handsets to get the Android L update.

Motorola's VP of Product Management confirmed in a Google+ post that the Moto X would be getting the bump to Android L. Of course, Google's latest and presumably greatest OS will have to arrive first, and that will happen in the fall. From there, Motorola will begin rolling out the L release, although the company has not given a strict timeframe just yet.

Rival companies such as HTC and OnePlus have already confirmed that their flagships (the HTC One M8 and OnePlus One) will be getting Android L within 90 days of the software being released. Considering Motorola's close ties with Google, we could certainly see the Moto X getting the Android L software before its rivals. In fact, we could see a scenario where the Moto handsets get the update directly after Google's Nexus and Google Play Edition devices.

Motorola was purchased by Google two years ago in a deal worth over $1 billion, but Mountain View agreed to sell the brand to Chinese giant Lenovo earlier in the year. That deal is still to go through official channels, but it is thought even after falling under Lenovo's wing that Motorola's solid relationship with Google will continue. So much so that the American company is widely believed to be working with Google on its next Nexus smartphone.

Motorola has yet to confirm whether the more affordable Moto G and Moto E will be getting the Android L update, but considering both are within the 18 month update windows, we would think that they will.

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