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LG to launch the G3 Stylus... a Galaxy Note 4 rival?

News by Luke Jones on Tuesday August 05, 2014.

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The G3 Stylus will join the Beat as variants of the flagship
The G3 Stylus will join the Beat as variants of the flagship

There are a few reasons why Samsung's Galaxy Note range of smartphones have been the standalone kings of the phablet niche. Arguably the chief reason is the S Pen, a stylus lookalike that actually has a lot more going for it and has never really been mimicked by other large screen devices. Until now that is, because Samsung's Korean compatriot LG is about to launch a smartphone that will pack its own stylus.

Just to prove it, the company has called the handset (rather unimaginatively) the LG G3 Stylus and it has shown up in a number of leaked press renders and videos. Yes, this will be another G3 variant, although it is so far unclear if it will have the blockbuster specs of the flagship handset or will be toned down. If we were to guess we would say the G3 Stylus would have lesser hardware than its more powerful sibling while packing a larger screen.

That's because the current Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (and upcoming Note 4) have this area of the market cornered and LG will probably not risk going head to head with a known big selling device. It is also likely that the stylus will lack the overall functionality of the S Pen on the Note, so LG will be eager to avoid direct comparisons. Again, that is not fact but just an educated guess.

It is likely that the G3 Stylus will arrive as a mid to high end smartphone but will lack some flagship touches. Sure, it probably won't be as watered down as the LG G3 Beat, which came with a smaller 720p screen than the normal G3 and a much less powerful processor. However, the Stylus will probably lack such luxuries as a Quad HD screen and other flagship kicks.

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