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Here's a close look at the metal Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Rumors by Luke Jones on Monday August 04, 2014.

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Galaxy Alpha front and rear
Galaxy Alpha front and rear

Sure, it may not be the device we thought it would be, but we are still looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy Alpha launching this month. If nothing else, this is the first smartphone Samsung has made from metal, so even if it does not live up to earlier expectations, it is at least a curiosity. Today we have the chance to take a closer look at some of the metal that will be used with perhaps the best shot of the Alpha in the wild we have seen yet.

The shots found their way onto Chinese social network Weibo and they show the Samsung Galaxy Alpha in a fair amount of detail. For those expecting an all-metal (or mostly metal) construction a la the iPhone 5s or HTC One M8, you will probably be disappointed as that rear plate looks as though it is made from plastic. The dimpled texture shows that it could even be Samsung's faux leather plastic plate making another appearance, but with the lighting of the shot it is hard to tell.

What is clear is the metal strip across the edge of the handset, and immediately it gives Samsung's design language a touch of class. Sure, the general profile is pretty close to iPhone territory, but we think Samsung's core Galaxy look is in evidence too and at least in photos the Alpha looks to be one of the best designed smartphones Samsung has made in a while, right up there with the Galaxy Note 3.

This is also the first time we have seen the handset in white, with previous leaks showing it to be black, silver, or gold. At one point it was thought that the Alpha would be a Samsung super phone, but it now seems more likely that it will be a mid-range effort, although we will have to wait until the mid-August launch to find out for sure.

The Alpha
The Alpha

source: Weibo

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