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Serial tipster @Evleaks is no more

News by Luke Jones on Monday August 04, 2014.

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@Evleaks has leaked numerous handsets, including the Samsung Galaxy Alpha
@Evleaks has leaked numerous handsets, including the Samsung Galaxy Alpha

If you visit tech websites such as Mobile Burn and our contemporaries, then you are probably familiar with @Evleaks as he is responsible for hundreds of leaks for upcoming smartphones and tablets. So much so that most mobile oriented websites have cited him in articles dozens and in some case hundreds of times. However, we will not be featuring any more as the man behind Evleaks has decided to stop leaking devices, or as he put it "retire".

Aside from meaning we will have to work a little harder to find images of upcoming smartphones, Evleaks' departure from the tech scene means manufacturers will have it a little easier. The man behind Evleaks was former Engadget and Pocket Lint writer Evan Blass, and he built up a solid reputation for his accuracy.

Just to be clear, while some reports and comments today are pegging Blass as some kind of tech superhero, he most certainly wasn't. Evleaks got things wrong, a lot of the time, but what made him a good source was the fact that he put so many leaks out there and when he was wrong he often admitted it. His strike rate was good and the quality of the leaked images he posted meant that he could be relied upon for the inside track when it came to the mobile world.

Again, like some reports are hinting today, the well is not dry and Evleaks was not the be all and end all of the mobile world. So, while Mr. Blass will be missed, in the ever moving world of smartphones and tablets he will be quickly replaced. All that is left is the reason why Evleaks is coming to an end.

Speaking to The Next Web, Blass said he had found it tough to maintain Evleaks as a monetizing effort. Started as a Twitter account, Evleaks expanded to a website, but Blass said users stick to the Tweets and the ones who do visit the website use ad blockers. He said it is a hard task to make money from what is essentially a Twitter feed.

Mr. Blass was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and has decided to pursue another career and said it is unlikely that Evleaks will ever come back.

source: The Nexy Web

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