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Android downs iOS for the first time as the most used platform

News by Luke Jones on Monday August 04, 2014.

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Android tops usage share
Android tops usage share

Android has spread around the globe like an infectious (oh come on, I like Android), like something very popular, so much so that it dominates the mobile platform world in terms of market share. However, despite its huge presence, Android has so far failed to usurp Apple's iOS as the most used platform.

You may notice we said "so far," and that's because for the first time Google's mobile OS has finally toppled iOS in terms of usage, the first time in history. Just to be clear, Android has been the most popular platform for a long time in terms of how many devices it is on, but iOS consumers use their Apple products more, or at least they used to.

According to Net Applications, through the month of July Android usage peaked at 44.62%, a rise that was enough to beat out Apple's iOS, which attained 44.19%. A miniscule difference and iOS is likely to reclaim top sport in coming months when it launches a number of new products like the iPhone 6 and new iPads.

However, for the time being Android is at the top of the pile. It is a solid achievement for Google, but we still think the platform has taken a very long time getting there. Considering the thousands of Android products available and only the handful of iOS ones, we can't help but think that Android should have hit this milestone sooner. As for Apple, the company is probably not too worried about this turn of events, although investors may see it as another turning point in the so called decline of the company.

That said, with hardware sales continuing to impress and a number of new products on the market, Apple is positioned well to continue fighting with Android. Although, Google's platform is now pretty much number one across the board, in fact all it is lacking is the number one best-selling device; Apple still has that with the iPhone 5s and iPad.

If you are wondering how Microsoft?s Windows Phone platform performed then you should know that is enjoyed growth through July. The OS? usages sat at 2.49%, which highlights how far Windows still has to go to be a true rival to Android and iOS.

source: Talk Android

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