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Moto 360 may be plastic and not metal

Rumors by Luke Jones on Sunday August 03, 2014.

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Moto 360 may not be metal
Moto 360 may not be metal

With Motorola's Moto 360 smart watch surely due to land anytime, the anticipation for the wearable people actually want is growing. Since being revealed earlier this year, the Moto 360 has gained consumer recognition like no smart watch before it, with much of the demand coming from its round face and seemingly high end build.

We already know what the wearable will look like, but here?s a look at it in a press render that has found its way online courtesy of serial whistle-blower Evleaks. This looks to be an official shot, so expect it to show up when Motorola finally gets around to launching the Moto 360. The image shows the round metal face that has got the tech community awash with excitement, but another report this weekend hints that the Moto 360 may not be what it appears to be.

Sources in China have said that the wearable will not be metal at all and the silver frame will actually be plastic. In other words, Motorola will be doing a Samsung and LG and passing off plastic as metal, and sadly the more we think about it the more we think it is probably true. That would burst a few bubbles because a part of the 360's appeal is that it looks like a premium timepiece first and a smart watch second.

Considering the device is meant to be more expensive than its rivals (the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Gear and LG G Watch) it would be a touch disappointing to see it arrive without metal. We will have to wait until the Moto 360 arrives to find out, but hopefully we will not have to wait too long; the product was widely expected to arrive at Google's I/O event, but instead the G Watch took center stage.

Google did confirm that the Moto 360 would arrive "later in the summer" though, so we are expecting some sort of announcement for a press event soon. While the 360 has been very confident in showing up for images, specs for the device are still very scarce, while its full feature set is also unknown aside from the fact it will run Android Wear.

source: Android in Canada

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