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Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A heading to Europe sans QHD screen

News by Luke Jones on Friday August 01, 2014.

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Galaxy S5 LTE-A Europe
Galaxy S5 LTE-A Europe

With Samsung set to launch a slew of handsets over the second half of the year, there will be plenty of news surrounding the Korean giant. However, the first bit of Sammy news today regards a device that has already been launched but will be finding its way to other markets. The company has today confirmed that its Galaxy S5 LTE-A would be arriving in Europe, but would be missing one of its key features.

The S5 LTE-A was launched in Korea a month ago as an updated version of Samsung's flagship Galaxy S5. Despite being only a few months old, the S5 proper has struggled to find the kind of traction of its predecessors and its specs already look like being overshadowed such is the rapid pace in which the mobile market moves.

The Galaxy LTE-A was Samsung's response to those factors, a smartphone that boasts the best specs on the market, in some cases unmatched. It is the only handset currently available to sport Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 805 and Samsung paired it with 3GB of RAM and pasted a blockbuster 5.1-inch QHD 25601440 high resolution Super AMOLED display on the front.

When the handset launched Samsung said it was unsure whether the device would ever leave Korea, but with demand for its smartphones declining the company has decided to launch the device in Europe. However, for some reason (probably to do with cost or the supply chain) Samsung will launch the Galaxy S5 LTE-A in Europe but will not give it the Quad HD screen, opting instead to use a Full HD 1080P panel.

Hardly a huge climb down, especially if you are in the school of thought that believes screen quality for the human eye topped out at 720p. What is more worrying is that Samsung is now updating its flagship device every few months, something that we don?t think will warm the European consumer base towards the GS5 LTE-A.

source: Techradar

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