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Is OnePlus working on a smart watch?

Rumors by Luke Jones on Thursday July 31, 2014.

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OnePlus smart watch
OnePlus smart watch

OnePlus has made a splash in the smartphone arena with its One handset, and the company now has its sights set on another market, namely the wearable one.

OnePlus is one of the bravest companies around at the moment, but we suppose that is what you have to be if you are a startup brand in a market of heavyweights. The OnePlus One flagship certainly disrupted those heavyweights with its cool look, high end specs, and most importantly, affordable price.

However, the One has been plagued by problems and has been subject to one of the bumpiest launch windows we have ever seen. First there were production problems, then there was an issue with the native CyanogenMod OS, and now OnePlus is considering ditching CM altogether in favour of a Chinese sourced version of Android. But like I said, this is a brave company and it is carrying on with its roadmap, which now seems to include a wearable.

An unpublished page of the OnePlus website reveals that the company is or has been working on a wearable smart watch called the OneWatch. The device features a circular display and at least in this image a brown rubberised strap made to look like leather. The real question is whether this device is real, and if so will we be seeing it anytime soon?

We have been fooled before as a previous leak supposedly coming from OnePlus said the company would be launching a tablet this year. That was vehemently denied by the brand as it said the One would be the product of focus for 2014. That means a smart watch is a little unlikely, but this leak is reportedly from the actual website of the company. However, it was a hidden page, so either the startup is not ready to release the smart watch or will be rolling it out soon.

We guess this is a case of keeping an eye on this story and seeing where it leads. At the moment though we would not hold too many hopes of seeing the OneWatch anytime soon, at least not in 2014.

source: Talk Android

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