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HTC press event for August points to Nexus 8

News by Luke Jones on Wednesday July 30, 2014.

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HTC Press Event
HTC Press Event

After plenty of product leaks and reports over the last couple of months, it seems as though HTC will be launching something significant. The Taiwanese company has scheduled a press event to take place in New York City, Tuesday August 19, but of course HTC has declined to say what the event will be for.

There are certainly plenty of options for what could be landing midway through next month and early rumours are suggesting it will be the oft discussed HTC Volantis, or as it is otherwise known the Nexus 8 tablet. The slate is rumoured to be the next in line for Google's own branding and could possibly arrive as a direct replacement for the Nexus 7 or as a higher end option alongside it.

The Volantis makes the most sense as it was supposedly due to arrive at Google's I/O event in June, but the companies held off in case it was overshadowed by the slew of wearable's rolled out at the event. We know with near certainty that the Nexus 8 exists, so it launching next month makes a whole lot of sense.

It is also entirely possible that HTC will roll out its own wearable smart watch, another product the company has confirmed it has been working on. Indeed, it has been widely reported that the HTC smart watch will be the one Google chooses to carry its Nexus branding for Android Wear. If that is indeed the case then HTC and Google could well launch both the tablet and wearable next month.

An outside chance is that HTC will launch a new smartphone. The HTC One M8 Prime has been mentioned a number of times, but it seems unlikely that the company would schedule a sizeable press event for what would just be an updated version of its flagship. We wrote earlier in the week how HTC would build the One M8 for Windows Phone, and that would certainly be seismic news. However, we doubt it would be enough to warrant a dedicated press event, and a Windows M8 would definitely not be announced alongside a Google collaboration like the Nexus 8.

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