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Mobile Platform market share: Android grows, Windows grows, iOS slips

News by Luke Jones on Wednesday July 30, 2014.

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Windows Phone and Android record growth in June
Windows Phone and Android record growth in June

Kantar Worldpanel uses consumer research, market trends, and manufacturer figures to create its respected monthly sales stats for mobile platforms. The news for the month of June is that in some of the world?s key markets Windows Phone is finally starting to show some traction, while Android continues to grow, Apple records interesting results, and Blackberry is just too small to even count.

The survey details market movements over the month of June in the EU5 nations (Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and the UK), the United States, China, Australia and Brazil. It tallies up totals and compares them against year on year figures, in this case from June 2013

Windows Phone

Microsoft has been talking up Windows Phone adoption of late as the OS has thrived in emerging markets. However, the platform has until now struggled to find traction in what would be deemed an important economic market. That changed through June as Windows Phone grew across all EU5 nations and now accounts for nearly 10% of the market (8.8%). In Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the UK the OS jumped by significant margins to solidify its place as the third placed platform in the market.

It is not all good news for Windows though as in other large markets the platform fell. In China Windows Phone lost a full 2% of market share and now accounts for just 0.9% of all devices sold in the country. The drop was less dramatic in the United States as the OS fell 0.2% from 4% of the market to 3.8%, while in Brazil (a possible economic frontier) Windows slipped from 6.2% last time out to 4.5% this year.


Samsung may not be having it all its own way, but the Korean company's loss is actually part of Android's gain as Google's platform continues to grow dramatically across the planet. Increased competition at all levels of the Android market have continued to propel growth through June, with the key markets of China and US proving particularly pleasing for Google. In the United States the platforms' market share grew 10.5% to 62% of the market, while in China Android accounted for 84.3% of the market, up 14.4% from 2013.

In the EU5 nations the platform grew more slowly and only topped a 5% surge in Italy and actually fell by 7.2% in Spain. Nevertheless, in Europe and beyond Android remains the comfortable market leader.


Apple's fate continues to be a little contradictory as the company's market share fell once again, but sales grew. This turn of events is unlikely to affect Cupertino as the company's model works on margins and sales, so record iPhone shipments for the month of June mean the company is still the one to beat in terms of hardware. For iOS though the results make for less happy reading as in China and the US the platform lost market share by 11% of more. Across Europe, Brazil, and Australia, Apple recorded middling results.

Other This includes Blackberry, a company that once took the fight to Apple but was ultimately taken out by poor strategy and the onslaught of Android. The survey did not even make a mention of the company formerly known as RIM, but needless to say, its market share is dwindling across the globe.

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