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Samsung's recruitment drive to find the next hit smartphone

News by Luke Jones on Wednesday July 30, 2014.

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Galaxy S5 failed to inspire growth
Galaxy S5 failed to inspire growth

It has not been a great few months for Samsung as the company has suffered declining sales and a slip in overall smartphone market share. The bad news was confirmed yesterday by the IDC after Samsung previously announced a drop in revenue and profit. It is especially worrying for the Korean juggernaut because the last quarter was meant to be the biggest of the year, the three month period after the release of the Galaxy S5 flagship.

That has left many inside the company and beyond wondering what the rest of the year will bring. Sure, the Galaxy Note 4 will cause a splash and a torrent of lower end devices will also arrive, but neither of them are the sales force that the S range is. That means the remainder of 2014 could see the company record further year on year decline amid competition from just about everybody else.

Of course, in many ways the S series of devices redefined the mobile world and did much to create the smartphone boom. The earlier S smartphones like the Galaxy S2 and S3 were fresh and strode confidently onto the market and brought Android to the masses. A feeling started with the Galaxy S4 and is apparent with the current S5 that recent outings in the range have been Samsung treading water.

In other words, the company needs to innovate again, or at least do what it did before and shake up the mobile space. This is not just opinion either as it has emerged that Samsung is scouring the globe for fresh talent and will go on a spree of hiring in an attempt to find that something extra special.

Bob Brennan, the senior vice president of Samsung's Memory System Application Lab, tells Business Insider that his unit is scooping up "top PhDs and top talent in the industry as fast as I possibly can"

Samsung is not known as an innovative company in the same way that Apple, Google, or even HTC are, but the Korean giant does have a reputation of finding that right device that captures the public's imaginations, and more importantly their willingness to buy. With that particular well drying up the company is now hunting for ways in which to find that killer product again.

"Hiring like crazy" is how Business Insider puts it, and depending on how you view that it could either be utter desperation on Samsung's part or a calculated move to shore up talent. At this moment with sales dropping and the need for a new "hit" device very real, we would suggest it is a little bit of both.

source: Business Insider

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