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Samsung stays top of smartphone world, but everybody else catches up

News by Luke Jones on Tuesday July 29, 2014.

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IDC smartphone sales and market share
IDC smartphone sales and market share

IDC results for smartphone shipments in the second quarter of this year show that Samsung is still way out in front, but the Korean company is also the only one in the top 5 to drop sales and lose market share. Chinese companies and Korean rival LG are the main takers of Samsung's share, but even Apple has gained against its great rival.

That pretty much tallies with what the recent round of quarterly financial results have revealed, but seeing it in black and white makes it a little clearer.

Samsung is still the top dog in the smartphone world, which hardly comes as a surprise considering how many devices the company has on the market. The Galaxy maker shifted 74.3 million units during Q2 of 2014, a 3 million drop over the 77.3 million sold at the same time in 2013. That decline in sales will be worrying for Samsung, but more concerning will be the fact that the company's overall market share slipped from 32.3% last year to 25.2%.

It is a similar story for Apple as Cupertino's overall market share slid to 11.9% this year from 13% during this period 12 months ago. Interestingly though, Apple's sales surged, with the iPhone accounting for 35.1 million units sold. That makes it comfortably the best-selling single device and was a near 5% increase on Q2 in 2013. Apple's margin based model should make the loss of market share easier to take than it would be for Samsung, although the Korean company had already forewarned this result.

Samsung's loss has very much been everybody else's gain, especially Huawei, Lenovo, and LG. Those three companies all picked up record growth through the period, with Huawei leaping 95.1% in terms of sales from 10.4 million units last year to 20.3 million in 2014. That amazing result is good enough to give the Chinese mega brand a 6.9% market share.

Fellow Chinese company Lenovo also had a good quarter, increasing its market share from 4.7% a year ago to 5.4% this time out. That growth came on the back of a 38.7% increase in sales as Lenovo smartphones moved 15.8 million units over Q2 (up from 11.4 million).

LG's record quarter has been well documented as the company reaped the rewards of the G3 flagship. The company ate into Samsung's dominance with 14.5 million smartphones sold for 4.9% of the market, a slight drop in share but a massive 19.8% gain in sales.

As well as these companies, the slew of brands that make up the "Other" category have also impacted on Samsung. These include the likes of Xiaomi, ZTE, Motorola, HTC, Sony, Nokia and more. There is little doubt that the landscape of the mobile market is changing and that it will continue to impact Samsung in the coming months and years.

source: IDC

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