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Moto X on Verizon gets Android 4.4.4

News by Luke Jones on Tuesday July 29, 2014.

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Moto X Verizon update
Moto X Verizon update

If you own the Moto X in the US and are using the country's biggest carrier Verizon, then you should take a gander at the devices update page. That?s because Big Red has been given the Android 4.4.4 update from Motorola and just needs to approve it before rolling it out.

Okay, we get it, Verizon is hardly known for its rapid action in these situations and getting the update from the manufacturer is not the same as the carrier rolling it out to consumers. However, we tapped up Big Red today and the company told us that the software is ready and raring to go. In fact, it has already been pushed out and can be downloaded today.

The update is for the Moto X flagship from 2013 and brings with it Android 4.4.4 and bug fixes. You will need to already be rocking Android 4.4.3 as the 4.4.4 file is a tiny patch to solve some niggles with the previous version. So, if you have not taken Verizon's previous prompt to update to 4.4.3, now is the time.

Aside from the Android 4.4.4 package, Motorola has added some of its own improvements. These include better lighting range in the camera app and a pause button for video recording. Aside from that Motorola has redesigned the Moto X's Dialer App and of course sorted out any remaining bugs from previous updates.

If you use Verizon and the Moto X, you should be able to download the update over the air now.

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