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LG G Watch has charging problems

News by Luke Jones on Tuesday July 29, 2014.

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G Watch problems
G Watch problems

Android Wear won plenty of praise when it was fully launched at Google's I/O event a couple of months ago, not least because it finally gave the wearable trend a functioning and useful platform. However, the launch products for Google's OS have hardly covered themselves in glory despite being solid representations of the smart watch model.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear Live launched amid plenty of complaints from users that the charging plate was overheating the device to the point of destruction. The Korean company passed off the incident with a half-hearted explanation and pointed consumers in the direction of customer services.

Now Samsung's Korean compatriot LG is facing some issues with its G Watch wearable. It seems that the overall build quality of the smart watch is up for debate, with a number of users saying that the device is already falling to wear and tear. The charging contacts are reportedly eroding already and that means that it is impossible to charge the G Watch, thus rendering it useless. Scraping the erosion away seems to fix the problem, but we think that can only be viewed as a temporary solution.

LG has yet to respond to this issue, but the company did say that no allergy causing materials are used to build the G Watch after some complained of skin irritation.

While we doubt this will effect most G Watch users, it is the kind of PR LG could do without. With Samsung also suffering a similar problem, the door is even more open for Motorola to arrive with its Moto 360 round faced smart watch. That device is already hotly anticipated as it looks aesthetically better than the rather plain Gear Live and G Watch, and if Motorola can avoid reliability issues that will be another reason to opt for the 360.

What Google will think of this would be interesting to know. The company is proud of Android Wear and would like to see the platform grow to be dominant in the wearable space, but without solid products that will be hard. Mountain View will want these reliability issues solved before Apple enters the fray with its own rumoured iWatch.

source: Talk Android

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