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LG's new tablet is an Intel packing Android laptop hybrid

Product Launch by Luke Jones on Monday July 28, 2014.

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LG Tab Book 11
LG Tab Book 11

Here's a product from left field as LG today announced the Tab Book 11, a tablet/notebook hybrid that oddly ships with Android.

LG is not renowned for its computing and the Korean giant has only taken tablets seriously over the last year with its G Pad range. However, the slates LG has made have been high quality and the company is riding a crest of a wave at the moment after finally besting the smartphone market in a big way with the G3 flagship.

The company obviously feels that the time is right to assault the tablet market in a big way and sees productivity tablets as a step in the right direction. Sure, many Windows based tablets come with keyboards and specs that could pass as laptop, but in the Android market there is nothing quite like the Tab Book 11. Maybe Samsung?s Galaxy Note 12.2 Pro, but even that lacks the raw power and features of LG's latest.

Chief among the Tab Book's laptop baiting specs is Intel's Haswell Core i5 processor, while the chipset has been paired with 4GB of RAM. The quality does not stop there as LG has packed a 128GB SSD, HDMI-in USB 3.0 (two ports) and a microSD card reader into the device as well. The display is Full HD (1,920 1,080 display) while the slate also comes with a sliding keyboard.

We cannot help but wonder why LG plumped for Android with this tablet as the platform is simply not geared for hardcore computing tasks in the same way Windows or Chromebook are. Because of that, the Tab Book 11 will be in a very specific niche and will probably not sell well, and that?s a shame as it is a fantastic piece of hardware. Sadly we are unlikely to ever see it outside South Korea, unless it manages to become a hit.

source: 9to5google

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