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Moto G 2 casing hints at svelte body

Rumors by Luke Jones on Monday July 28, 2014.

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Moto G 2 casing
Moto G 2 casing

If you have been craving some information about the upcoming Moto G sequel then you should take a look at this reported rear cover from the device.

Motorola is going to have an extremely busy end to 2014 as the company goes product crazy with a slew of new smartphones, and of course a wearable. The soon to be Lenovo owned company has picked up a reputation over the last year of being the connoisseurs choice for budget devices, thanks mostly to the Moto G and Moto E entry level handsets.

The former of those, the Moto G, set the ball rolling and in many ways is the best budget smartphone ever made. Featuring mid-range bothering specs, features, and software, the Moto G has done a lot to define the current budget market and is a trend setter in terms of showing companies and consumers alike that smartphones can be cool and ultra-affordable.

Now a year old, it is almost a certainty that Motorola will launch a new Moto G this year and in fact the handset will probably land by summer's end. The main image above shows what is said to be the casing for the upcoming Moto G 2, while some reports suggest it could be a new Moto E. Considering the E is only a few months old, we are inclined to think this is the Moto G casing, and it shows that the smartphone looks to have been rounded off and made thinner.

That tallies up to an earlier leak of the device (below) that revealed a slightly bigger screen but rounder corners and more appealing aesthetics. Motorola will bump the specs for the new G by including a Full HD 1080p display and a faster processor, likely to once again come from Qualcomm's Snapdragon stable.

Motorola will have plenty of new devices launching this year. The Moto 360 smart watch is still due to arrive, while the company will update both its DROID line and the Moto X flagship. Also a possibility is the Nexus 6, Google's latest smartphone that will be built by Motorola instead of previous Nexus partner LG.

Previous Leak
Previous Leak

source: Android Guys

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