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Samsung's Galaxy Alpha is not what you thought it was

Rumors by Luke Jones on Thursday July 24, 2014.

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Samsung Galaxy Alpha leak
Samsung Galaxy Alpha leak

Here it is, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, a handset that is meant to be something of a new dawn for the Korean company. However, this is Samsung and the company rarely does the thing YOU want it to, and it looks as though the Alpha is not going to be the blockbuster device it has previously been mooted as.

The image you see above is reportedly the Galaxy Alpha sitting along Samsung?s flagship handset, the Galaxy S5. As you can see, the Alpha seems to be a more confident looking handset, sexier even with its almost Note like squared edges. However, while reports have been pegging the Alpha as a handset with the absolute best specs in the business it seems it will actually be a plain old mid-range device.

I wrote way back when this saga started that it was unlikely that the Alpha (or the Galaxy F as it was then) would be better than the Galaxy S5. I reasoned that Samsung would not compromise its core flagship range with a better device, but admittedly I ended up caught in the swirl of rumour. This was supposed to be the handset that would take the fight to Apple's upcoming iPhone 6 directly. It would have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805, a QHD 4.7-inch screen, and a metal body.

The metal body (the first from Samsung) seems to have been retained, but so has the puzzling faux leather Samsung tends to use. All of the other high end specs are not in attendance, replaced instead by a 720p 4.7-inch screen, Snapdragon 800, and 32GB of non-expandable storage.

That makes the Alpha a pretty solid device, one that should be something of a looker too, however it is not the device we thought it would be. Of course, you can color us all kinds of disappointed.

source: Engadget

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