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LG sells record amount of smartphones

News by Luke Jones on Thursday July 24, 2014.

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LG record sales
LG record sales

If we needed any proof of how well LG was doing with mobile we only had to take a look at the company's current G3 flagship. However, just to really show off how the Korean brand is becoming a force in the smartphone world, the company has just recorded its best quarter ever in its mobile division.

The company sold 14.5 million smartphones over the last quarter, comfortably its biggest ever quarterly total. The number is also 20% higher than the per unit sales from the same period last year. More than a third of the 14.5 million shipped units came from LTE 4G models, suggesting LG's high end offerings are faring well in a crowded flagship model.

Of course, that could not apply more closely than to the LG G3, the company's latest and greatest flagship smartphone. As well as capturing plenty of the spotlight from reviewers and tech fans, the G3 has struck a chord with consumers and drove the company to record sales in Q3. Interestingly, the LG L line of devices that range from budget to mid-level has also proved successful, especially as the range offers a something for everyone list of handsets.

The record sales meant that LG could turn around three consecutive quarters where its mobile business made a loss. For the first time in nearly a year the company made a profit from $3.5 billion revenue of $599. Of course, none of these figures are quite on a level with LG compatriot Samsung, but there is little doubt that LG is now positioning itself as a major rival to the Galaxy smartphone maker.

More than that, with Samsung recently announcing a fall in profits and a slump in sales, it is very clear that the falling demand is almost squarely due to LG. We are hugely interested to see what the next 12 months brings for the two Korean giants.

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