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Digitial tattoo will unlock your Moto X

News by Luke Jones on Wednesday July 23, 2014.

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Moto X Digital Tattoo
Moto X Digital Tattoo

It is going to be a busy year for Motorola as the company is changing up just about every smartphone in its range, while the brand will also fall under Lenovo's wing after being sold by Google. Oh, and there is also the small matter of the Moto 360 Android Wear smart watch to come later this summer. Before all that though Motorola has something else to show us and this is out of the realms of science.

Those who keep an eye on all things Motorola may remember (we didn't, so it's okay) that the company talked about a digital tattoo that could unlock a phone at the D11 conference last year. Now, usually when company's talk about this science fiction kind of stuff, we don't hold our breath waiting for the actual product to arrive. However, Motorola has bucked the trend and is today showing off its Digital Tattoo.

A company called Vivalink is now selling the tattoos that are placed on the skin and last for five days before being washed off. At the moment they are only compatible with Motorola's flagship, the Moto X, but support for other handsets has been promised.

"One tap of the Digital Tattoo and your phone is ready for action. Because re-entering your PIN all day gets old.

The size of a nickel, it blends in on your wrist. Though you might find it hard to resist giving a few demonstrations.

Apply it and go. Your Digital Tattoo will hold through approximately five days of showers, swimming, workouts, and anything else you can think of."

This is about as "wearable" as it gets, but we are unsure there is much of a point to this, after-all who really wants to wear something on their skin if all it does is unlock a phone? Sure, the tattoo's only cost one dollar for one, but still we think this is a market that is unlikely to take off.

source: Vivalink

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