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Apple requests millions of iPhone 6 handsets to meet demand

News by Luke Jones on Tuesday July 22, 2014.

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Millions of iPhone 6 handsets to be produced
Millions of iPhone 6 handsets to be produced

When Apple releases a new iPhone the launch windows is big, as in really big. In tech, no company does it quite like Apple and the no company can compare to the kinds of figures Cupertino achieves over a launch window, or indeed beyond. So without even having to read between the lines, we know that when the iPhone 6 lands later this year that it will be pretty huge news.

We also know that the new iPhone will sell millions upon millions of units during its launch window and will likely be the biggest selling smartphone throughout its life. With Apple also reportedly releasing an iPhone phablet as well, the fever and demand for the company and its devices could reach an all-time high. Cupertino is certainly expecting that and is preparing the biggest iPhone launch ever.

Each year when a new iPhone goes into mass production, Apple requests that suppliers build a certain amount of units to cover the huge demand of the launch period. For example, last year when the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c launched, Apple had built between 50 and 60 million units, a number that still ultimately fell short as demand overtook supply.

The company is expecting even more demand this year, especially with a 5.5-inch iPhone set to launch alongside the 4.7-inch iPhone 6. To cover that demand, Apple has requested that its manufacturers (such as Foxconn and Pegatron) build between 70 and 80 million devices before December 30th. That of course means Apple is covering itself for the busy Holiday Season.

If Apple has requested that amount then it almost certainly means that the company thinks it will sell that many handsets in the timeframe. That is a dizzying number, but something tells us with the lines of people queuing for iPhones that it is a number Cupertino will reach.

source: BGR

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