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Picking apart some Galaxy Note 4 rumours

News by Luke Jones on Tuesday July 22, 2014.

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Galaxy Note 4 rumours
Galaxy Note 4 rumours

Reports emanating from South Korea last week suggested that Samsung is genuinely concerned about its recent drop in profit and the weakening demand for its smartphones. The company is not just chalking up a poor quarter to a one-time thing and foresees issues over the long term state of its smartphones unless it entices consumers once again. The Korean giant is pinning a lot on its upcoming Galaxy Note 4 and hopes that the phablet flagship can drive interest in Samsung until the end of the year and beyond.

The Note series has always done a good job of doing just that thanks to killer specs, professional looks, S Pen, and slick user oriented software. However, this year Samsung could pull out all the stops for the Galaxy Note 4 and completely overhaul the range with innovation and technology. According to ETNews, the Galaxy Note 4 will be quite the device and could become the talk of the smartphone world, even if it does land around the same time as the iPhone 6.

The news outlet claims the Note 4 will arrive with a camera with OIS (image stabilization), a metal body, and a flexible screen. As you probably know by now, we do not just blindly follow rumours, and even though ETNews is usually a solid Samsung source, we have a few issues with these reported specs.

The most likely of these specs is the OIS camera and it seems entirely reasonable that Samsung has included this tech on the Galaxy Note 4. We have even heard in previous weeks that the company is ready to make photography one of the core features of the device, so OIS inclusion seems a natural step towards that goal.

We would put the inclusion of a metal body as unlikely, especially as my sources in Samsung say that the Note 4 will retain the plastic that Samsung typically uses. It would sure be nice to see Samsung improve overall build quality, but the Note 3 was a good looking handset with or without metal, even if that faux leather irked a great many. Samsung agrees that the Note 3 looked elegant and is unlikely to disrupt the overall design language too much.

That almost kills the idea of a flexible screen too. My source did not know if the Note 4 would sport the tech, but did suggest that the company is still not confident with the overall viability of bendy screens. Of course, Samsung launched a curved display device last year and the Note 4 could follow that mould. As for a truly flexible screen, the most we can hope for is that the screen will wrap around to the sides of the handset, although at this point it seems unlikely as Samsung likes the overall Note design as it is.

A flexible device is entirely out of the question as Samsung is not ready to send a bendy smartphone to market, so the most to hope for is a flexible display. However, it seems far more likely that when Samsung is ready for that tech to land it will place it in a dedicated handset to show off the technology.

source: ET News

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