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Blackberry is catching iOS and Android according to the internet

News by Luke Jones on Monday July 21, 2014.

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Blackberry Passport
Blackberry Passport

Blackberry claims that its new QWERTY packing square Blackberry Passport smartphone is winning customers at the expense of both Apple's iOS and Google's Android.

Blackberry's fall from the top of the mobile market has been well documented. The Canadian company once known as RIM used to be one of the biggest names in the mobile arena and rivalled Apple in the smartphone stakes. However, as Android's hold on the market began, Blackberry failed to react in time and has suffered a huge decline in sales and revenue, and the company has been on the brink numerous times over the last year.

The floods of consumers who left Blackberry naturally wound up on iOS or Android (some landed on Windows Phone too) and for the most part Blackberry has become an afterthought in terms of hardware. However, Blackberry now claims that customers are coming back to the brand, or at least have the will to do so, and it is all because of the Passport.

Strangely, the company does not offer any figures or statistics to back up the claim and instead uses comment sections from tech websites to highlight how some people have talked up BB10 and the Passport. Citing comments left by people on such websites as Engadget and other major websites, Blackberry uses this as sufficient evidence that the company's hardware is in demand.

Never mind the fact that only 3.4 million Blackberry devices were sold in the last quarter while iOS and Android handsets accounted for tens of millions of units. As you can probably tell, we are really struggling to see what Blackberry hopes to gain from this, and interestingly it seems the company is trying to convince itself how many people still want its smartphones. Of course, we could trawl comments sections of websites and find countless examples of users saying they want iOS or Android over Blackberry.

This is the sort of scattergun marketing that Blackberry is indulging in recently and it simply does not work for a company that is fighting for viability. The numbers don't lie and no amount of comments on news websites will change the facts.

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