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This could be HTC's smart watch

Rumors by Luke Jones on Monday July 21, 2014.

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Please note that this story is based upon rumor and/or speculation.
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HTC smart watch projected design
HTC smart watch projected design

While all of its traditional smartphone rivals have been enjoying themselves by launching wearable devices on Google's Android Wear platform, HTC has yet to join the party. However, the Taiwanese company will not be in the dark too long as it has announced it will release its own smart watch this year. The above image is reported to be that smart watch, or at least a "100% faithful reproduction" of the product, which we guess means the design comes from pre-production plans.

As the old saying goes, there are only so many ways to skin a cat. Translated to the smart watch that means there are only a few design choices to make, and the chief among those seems to be, square face or round face. The now traditional shape for a smart watch is square, but Motorola has generated some bon-a-fide buzz in the wearable market with its round faced Moto 360.

Sadly, while we had hoped HTC would carry its excellent market leading design from the HTC One M8 smartphone to its smart watch, it hasn?t. What we will get instead is another square faced watch that if these renders are "100%" accurate seems a little ungainly. HTC has clearly tried to make the device look high end with its metal construction, but next to the Moto 360 it still fails to spark too much appeal from an aesthetic point of view.

The means HTC will have to appeal to the masses with software and features, although that is increasingly hard to do with the slew of rivals already on the market. Each smart watch does the same thing, especially on the Android Wear ecosystem. We doubt that HTC is going to innovate too much or deviate from what we already know Android Wear can do, so with that in mind the company?s first wearable foray is likely to slot in with the crowd and not stand out from it.

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