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Corning all but confirms the iPhone 6 will have sapphire display

News by Luke Jones on Wednesday July 16, 2014.

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iPhone 6 sapphire glass
iPhone 6 sapphire glass

Corning has had the market cornered in recent years as the manufacturers go to company for screen displays with its Gorilla Glass. However, there is a new player in town in the form of sapphire displays, with Apple reported to be using the newer tech on its upcoming iPhone 6. What Apple does first everybody else does second, right? Maybe not all the time admittedly, but generally the market tends to move towards whatever Cupertino is using.

Losing the biggest selling device in the iPhone is already a disaster for Corning, but it could get a lot worse if Samsung decides to continue its trend of following Apple. Corning could go from the de facto screen king to a bit part player in a short space of time, especially if other manufacturers decide to move to sapphire panels.

Like a cornered animal, Corning's gorilla has come out fighting as the company has started a marketing fight against sapphire glass. The company posted a video on its website showing how much more durable its Gorilla Glass is compared to sapphire glass (both tested at 1mm thick). As you can probably guess, Corning showed that its product is able to withstand twice as much force as sapphire glass.

Our tech website comrades are today expressing some surprise that Corning is going after sapphire glass so aggressively because it is not known for certain whether the iPhone 6 will boast the tech. However, the fact that Corning IS after sapphire glass this early almost confirms to us that the company knows something that we do not, namely that Apple has ditched it in favour of using sapphire glass. If Apple is not using sapphire the company would have already asked for a load of Gorilla Glass components made ready for the iPhone 6 to launch in a couple of months.

Also of note is the fact that while the Gorilla Glass does beat sapphire in this test, Corning is using a generic sapphire display and not the one Apple is likely to use. Not that we are fighting any corner here, simply because Gorilla or sapphire, we are unlikely to ever really put that kind of pressure on our screens.

source: Corning

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