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Microsoft not giving search engine choice on Windows Phone device

News by Luke Jones on Tuesday July 15, 2014.

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Bing default
Bing default

It seems that Microsoft is playing hardball over search engines on its Lumia devices as it only gives users the choice of Bing as a default. All Windows Phone handsets come with Microsoft's Bing search engine as default and they always have, even before Microsoft purchased Nokia. However, Nokia used to allow users to change their default search engine if they chose, much like you can on iOS, Android, and of course on PC.

However, since acquiring Nokia's devices and services divisions earlier in the year Microsoft has removed the option for choosing another search engine. The company's first two devices since the Nokia buyout have been the Lumia 930 and 630, both of these smartphones arrived with the search engine choice removed.

We have nothing else to say on this other than Microsoft is not playing a wise game with this decision, unless this was an oversight (a very, very big one) the company has made a huge mistake and is playing with fire. Companies have been repeatedly sued and taken to task by authorities over not giving users freedom of choice when it comes to browsers and search engines.

Google is already fighting a similar case in the courts, but even Mountain View gives user's choice on Android. Of course, Google has repeatedly fallen foul in Europe (where Microsoft's move is unlikely to be taken kindly) and Microsoft has previously been heavily fined by the EU for failing to give users choice of web browsers and attempting to monopolize on PC.

We see no other outcome for this but Microsoft being fined or forced to put the choice of search engines back onto its Windows Phone smartphones. There is of course the slight possibility that Microsoft was generally unaware of this problem and could fix it before the authorities take action. Although, Redmond will need to act quickly to prevent that.

source: 9to5google

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