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The platform is the fastest growing and a hit in emerging markets

News by Luke Jones on Tuesday July 15, 2014.

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Windows Phone outsells iPhone
Windows Phone outsells iPhone

Microsoft is currently holding its Worldwide Partner Conference 2014 and the company has been boasting about the growing success of the Windows Phone platform. The standout news from Windows Phone?s recent performance is that it outsells Apple's iPhone in 24 markets. There are a number of impressive statistics surrounding Microsoft's mobile platform, but as you may have guessed, some reading between the lines is necessary.

For example, let's take the fact that Windows Phone enjoys more shipments than the iPhone in 24 markets, there are three things to consider with this fact. Firstly, those 24 markets are very much emerging ones where the revenue from sales is unlikely to be high. Secondly, as is the case with Apple v Android, the iPhone manufacturer only sells three smartphones (the 5s, 4s, and 5c), while there are many Windows Phones available, it is a weighted market. Thirdly, the statistic only mentions shipments and not actual sales to end users, so it is at least theoretically possible that those shipments are sitting in a warehouse.

Okay, we get it, that is a little negative and we are sorry for that WP fans. Despite not being as explosive a stat as Microsoft would want us to believe, the fact that Windows Phone is beating out the iPhone in those markets is still good news however we cut it. It is also good news that the OS has reached a 10% market share in 8 locations and is the fastest growing platform with the 2nd best-selling smartphone in 14 markets.

Again, all of Windows Phone?s success comes from emerging markets and that 2nd best smartphone is likely to be low end offerings like the Nokia Lumia 520 (12 million units sold). There is negativity and positivity here though. There is no doubt that Windows Phone is making a mark and being a success in emerging markets could yield long term success for Microsoft as those markets grow. However, in the short term revenue from smartphone sales is unlikely to be substantial as the company enjoys its most success from budget devices and makes little impact in key markets like North America and Europe.

So, while Microsoft can be pleased, the company still cannot look too much past these numbers. I think WP is a compelling alternative and is slowly making itself a serious player, but please do not think that outstripping the iPhone in some markets makes the platform a bon-a-fide success just yet.

source: WM Poweruser

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