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Cool graphic shows just how affordable smartphones are

News by Luke Jones on Monday July 14, 2014.

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Smartphone cost graphic
Smartphone cost graphic

Maybe if you have just forked out over $500 for a flagship device you are probably not thinking that smartphones are value for money. However, even the high end flagships are actually affordable when you break down the cost for buying the features and technology. Luckily we didn't have to do the math as the cool graphic you see above frrom Viking-Direct does it for us.

Sure, a pretty decent laptop is cheaper than a smartphone, as is a handheld games console, a camera, sat nav, translator, clock, music player, video player etc. They are not all cheaper if you add them together to make one device though, and as the graphic neatly points out, they are not as compact and light either. In this world where we scrutinise the quality of each and every smartphone and even weigh its relative cost, it is easy to forget that even the $600 HTC One's and Samsung Galaxy S5's are actually value for money.

When you consider that even the most basic of smartphone (like the Moto E or Nokia 520) does all of the things in this graphic then it is easy to see just what a good deal a smartphone is. Of course, some will say that a smartphone does not do some of these things as well as a dedicated product, but what?s wrong with being a jack of all trades but a master of none?

UK based Viking took the trouble to lay out the bare facts here, and while their figures for the dedicated products are ballpark, they are close enough. The company reveals that if you wanted the equivalent gear to get total smartphone functionality, it would cost 650 ($1,113 U.S.) and it would weigh 7436 grams (16.4 pounds), but we think the cost is fairly conservative for all these products. We should add that the graphic does not even take into account handheld gaming products like the Sony PS Vita or Nintendo DS.

source: Viking-Direct

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