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Samsung's eye scanner may not be for the Galaxy Note 4

News by Luke Jones on Monday July 14, 2014.

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Samsung Exynos Galaxy Note 4 eye scaner tweet
Samsung Exynos Galaxy Note 4 eye scaner tweet

We have been hearing plenty about Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note 4 recently, but the latest info is something new and could reveal the smartphones standout feature. We already know that the Note 4 will be a stunning handset in terms of raw specs, features, and performance, but it seems the device could come with some new technology that will separate it from every other smartphone on the market.

An official tweet from Samsung teased a feature that would make the Galaxy Note 4 a unique smartphone, "Security can be improved using features unique to us," the tweet from the @SamsungExynos account read. "That's what we envision. What would you use?" To give a bit more food for thought the company accompanied the tweet with the image you see above.

As you can see, the image leads with "Unlock the future" and shows what could be the Galaxy Note 4 (although more likely a generic mock-up) with an eye in the center of the screen. With all those apparent purchases flanking the device in the image, we would suggest that Samsung is hinting that it will use eye scanning technology on an upcoming handset.

That would be some pretty massive news, but allow us to offer an alternative theory to all the reports swirling today. It is being suggested that this technology is heading to the Galaxy Note 4, which could well be the case, but the image above could be a little broader than that. The tweeted image is branded as Exynos and we know Samsung is readying a new version (a rumoured 64-bit one) of its in house chip. This image could merely be saying that the new Exynos will give future Samsung devices the capability of housing an eye scanner, and maybe the Galaxy Note 4 comes too soon for that.

Now that we have played devil's advocate we have to admit that it is also entirely possible that this tech could land on the Note 4. After all, Samsung is looking for ways to breathe new winds into its smartphone sails as demand and profits have fallen away slightly. Adding an eye scanner would certainly give the Note 4 something exciting and innovative, and would also make it arguably the most secure phone on the planet when it arrives.

source: Samsung Exynos Twitter

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