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OnePlus will not release another smartphone this year

News by Luke Jones on Friday July 11, 2014.

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OnePlus One
OnePlus One

Whenever we bring you some OnePlus rumours we always do so apologetically. After-all, the company has still not rolled out its current OnePlus One smartphone yet, so discussing up and coming devices seems a bit silly. However, it does seem that the company behind one of the most intriguing and frustrating tech products of the year is planning a new handset.

That was the reality for a little while this week as it was reported that OnePlus was working on a new device codenamed Lettuce or as we would know it, the OnePlus Two. With the OnePlus One already in short supply after the company wades through one of the messiest roll outs in tech history we could not help but think OnePlus was running before it could walk.

Luckily, the company confirmed today that the reports were false and that the OnePlus One would be the only device the brand launches in 2014. That will at least let OnePlus get the tricky launch of the One out of the way, maybe even getting the admittedly fantastic device in some hands eventually.

However, we like to read between the lines and while the company said it would not launch a device in 2014, it said nothing about early 2015. Who knows, OnePlus could well be working on Lettuce but not planning on releasing it this year. Time will tell, but if Lettuce of the OnePlus Two is a real device, we would prefer the company to focus on making its debut smartphone a success first.

source: Android Guys

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