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The LG G3 "Prime" shows up in Korea

News by Luke Jones on Friday July 11, 2014.

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LG G3 Prime LTE
LG G3 Prime LTE

There have been rumours of an LG G3 Prime since the normal G3 landed just over a month ago. The company is said to have been working on a beefier version of its already stellar flagship, and the super phone G3 seems to have shown up on a Korean mail advertisement.

The original LG G3 took the smartphone world by storm, garnering praise from critics and having a good enough sales forecast to have Samsung worried. With the Galaxy S5 LTE-A, Samsung quickly responded with a more powerful device that has LTE Advanced and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805. However, LG has been preparing its own super G3 as well and will release it shortly in Asia to compete with the Korean exclusive S5 LTE-A.

The advert marks the device as the "G3 Cat.6" which means without a doubt that it will pack LTE-A, while it is almost certain to also boast the Snapdragon 805. This will clearly be an amazing device and for our money we would take it over the Galaxy S5 LTE-A simply for its looks (both handsets will match up spec for spec).

However, we cannot escape the feeling that this is a very raw slap to the face from LG as the company only released the normal G3 a month ago. If you recently forked out a lot of money for that device, you may feel pretty angry if LG suddenly rolls out an improved version a couple of weeks later. We are going to pay close attention to the LG G3 Cat.6 to see just how the company plays this from a marketing perspective.

source: gforgames

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