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Motorola's Moto G and Moto X banned in Germany

News by Luke Jones on Thursday July 10, 2014.

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Moto X and Moto G banned in Germany
Moto X and Moto G banned in Germany

While the UK is considered the most important European market, Germany is also vital to a smartphone being successful. It is the biggest economy on the continent and the most populated country, and today it laid a ban on some of Motorola's handsets in the country. Not just any old Motorola's either as the American company is no longer allowed to sell the Moto G and Moto X.

Those are comfortably the company's most popular phones, the Moto X is the flagship and the Moto G has done more than any other device to redefine how good budget smartphones can be. However, it seems that Motorola infringed on a patent in Germany and those devices have been banned. It could hardly have come at a worse time as the Moto X and the excellent one of a kind Moto Maker pre-purchase customization suite have just arrived in the country.

LPKF filed a claim against Motorola over Laser Direct Structuring, an antenna technology that many manufacturers use on the smartphones. The process involves placing antennas on curved surfaces, but it seems that Motorola has been wrongly using it. That means the devices in question are currently banned from sale.

Of course, Motorola can modify the handsets to allow them to be placed back on the market in Germany and the company is working on that fix at this moment. Either that or the company that has recently been bought by Lenovo will just pay Laser Company LPKF licensing money to use its technology. We will see how this one plays out and keep you in the loop should there be further developments, but we suspect this will quickly go away as Motorola will fix it either way.

Update, Motorola reached out to us today and it seems we incorrectly assumed that the company's devices would be banned. A spokeswoman for the company told us that the company is instead sourcing the recuired components from a different and authorized source. That means you can still get your hands on the Moto X and Moto G.

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